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  1. Thermo Conductive Micro Tube Racks & Cell Freezing Container

    CellRooms are thermo-conductive micro-tube racks or cell freezing containers, which ensure standardized controlled-rate -1 /minute cell freezing in cryogenic refrigerator without alcohol or any fluids. CellRoom is applied to variety of cell types which includes stem cells, primary cells and cell lines. CellRoom is very convenient to use, do not need to add any liquid, you just need to insert the samples in CellRoom, then put CellRoom in -80 freezer. It has been proved that CellRoom can improve the user efficiency a lot. And CellRoom is harmless to environment or human body.
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  2. Tissue and Slide Preparation Platforms

    CoolSink H thermo-conductive histology platforms standardize your tissue or specimen collection and preparation. Modules rapidly adapt to the source temperature when placed on ice, dry ice, liquid nitrogen, water bath or other temperature sources. Samples stay at uniform temperature while resting securely on a solid,stable platform. Ideal for animal and human sample preparation, biopsies, immunohistochemistry (IHC) and tissue or cell freezing. With handles removed, all thermo-conductive modules may be autoclaved, high heat sterilized or decontaminated with bleach, alcohol or other disinfectants or lab detergents.
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